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Rocket stove is the popular variation of the improved combustion stoves, this rock stove is the most important part of the integrated cooking method. It can be easily constructed with inexpensive materials. These are low mass stoves designed to burn small pieces of wood very efficiently. Cooking takes place in an insulated short chimney. An apron around the pot retains heat and increases efficiency.

Rocket Stoves use branches, twigs, small wood scraps, or just about any small combustible material. The pieces of wood or other material burn at their tips, increasing combustion efficiency, creating a very hot fire and it produces very less smoke.

A rocket stove is a wood burning stove that uses a rocket effect to burn prdouces incredible heat. Rocket stoves burns so hot and they burn the carbon in their own smoke which results in a nearly smokeless fire once they are at full heat. And it is also called as "smart stoves" or "wood stove".

Rocket stoves are very energy efficient and can be burnt by a variety of small burnables such as twigs, sticks, and wood debris. Rocket stoves utilize airflow to create a enormous heat and that elimantes the smoke which is very good for the cooking process.

Rocket stoves are able to produce complete combustion, meaning that most of the chemical compounds are burnt instead of being turned into smoke or ashes. This provides a much cleaner and healthier environment and also makes the burning hotter quickly. There's no smoke, which makes it ideal for the human environment.